Although Humza’s story attracted massive media coverage during the time from mainstream global media, the 13-years old boy was not the only one who faced tortures and death at the hands of the Syrian security forces.

MEP Desk | Middle East Politics

Hamza Al-Khateeb was a Syrian boy, whose age was only 13 years when he died. His death, which was widely condemned, came in the form of a brutal murder.

In 2011, when Hamza’s body was returned to his family, the condition of his body shocked not only his family, but also the Syrian people and the entire civilized world.

His head was swollen, purple and disfigured. His body was full of marks, cigarette burns, wounds from bullets, kneecaps smashed, neck broken and jaw shattered. What was worse, his penis was cut-off.

A Syrian secret police force, namely the Mukhabarat, was responsible for his murder. This secret police is infamous for its brutal killings of Syrian citizens after unlawfully abducting them.

Hamza was murder in a time when the Syrian people hit the streets in 2011 to protest against Bashar-al-Assad in an attempt to – what the Syrians believed and still believe – liberate their homeland from Assad’s decades-long authoritarian rule.

After a video of his tortured-body was posted on YouTube, thousands of Syrians rallied and chanted “We Are All Hamza!”.

Humza was not the only one who faced tortures and murder at the hands of the Mukhabarat. Humza was among hundreds of children and teenagers who faced the same fate at the hands of the security forces loyal to Assad.