Tehran’s threat to use foreign fighters against its own people is a clear indication that many in the Iranian security forces will not follow orders if mass protests erupt.

By MEP Desk | Middle East Politics

The head of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, Musa Ghazanfar Abadi, threatened on March 6 that if internal forces fail to protect the Iranian Regime, then the Houthi rebels, the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) known as ‎al-Hashd al-Shaabi, Liwa Fatemiyoun, Liwa Zainebiyoun and other militant/militia groups who are part of the axis of resistance will take over the task and protect the regime.

Ghazanfar Abadi’s threat suggest that the Iranian leadership is worried about their overthow and hence prefering to bring foreign fighters into Iran in order to prevent an overthrow of the government.

The militants/terrorists/militias that Iranian Regime has been using as proxies in other countries will now be used against Iranian people in order to prevent regime change?

However, it wouldn’t be easy to bring in foreign fighters into Iran, as people will take up arms against these foreign fighters.

Condemning the rhetoric, Civil and human rights organizations warned people that the regime could indeed resort to seek help from foreign militant/militia groups to prop up its regime.

There is no reason why the regime will not use foreign fighters against its own people, given that the regime has been using them to help Bashar-al-Assad to kill his own people.

Iranian Regime is not a national government of sort. It is instead a violent religious cult that regards Iran only as a source of finance, manpower and  resources to advance its goal of a global twelver-Shia Revolution.

The Ayatollah Regime’s loyalty is to the idea of a supranational twelver-Shia State that includes vast swaths of the Middle East. Hence, the regime will have no difficulty in using foreign fighters against the Iranian people when the regime feels compelled to.